Production / facilities and our products

The Factory

Remedina S.A. is located in Kamatero Attica. The facilities are located in an area of ​​3,000 sq.m. and have a surface area of ​​1,500 sq.m., including the building and the adjacent warehouses and offices.


Quality Policy

The field of pharmaceutical production is directly related to human health and quality of life.
Strict rules relating to good manufacturing practice, quality assurance principles, good laboratory practice and compliance with the legal obligations, are governing this field.
The management and personnel of Remedina having understood the necessity of these rules, contribute with daily practice and actions in the common effort to continually upgrade and improve the manufacturing practices for pharmaceutical products.
Remedina’s management has chosen as a means to develop the Company, a clearly defined policy for quality. This policy is modified or supplemented constantly in order to meet the needs and expectations of patients and its customers. This policy expresses the Company’s commitment to provide products in compliance with international standards for high quality.

Our top concerns of the quality policy are:
• Continuous, systematic and in-depth training
• Updating on developments in the pharmaceutical sector internationally – Modernization
• Exhaustive, detailed and thorough inspection for critical quality parameters
• Respect for the environment

Type of Produced Products

The production facility of Remedina produces exclusively beta-lactam products (cephalosporins, carbacephems, carbapenems).

Α. Sterile products

• Aseptically prepared:
• Dry injectable products containing cephalosporins, carbacephems, carbapenems.
• Chemical and microbiological testing only: liquid injectable.

Β. Non sterile products

• Capsules, hard shell, containing cephalosporins, carbacephems, carbapenems.
• Coated tablets containing cephalosporins, carbacephems, carbapenems.
• Powders for internal use for the preparation of oral suspensions containing cephalosporins.

In addition there is a department for packaging other than beta-lactam products. Here, secondary packaging and placing of authenticity stickers is taking place for the following forms:

• Tablets (coated, sustained release)
• Liquids for internal use (syrups, oral drops)
• Powders for internal use (and dry syrups)
• Capsules (hard cell, soft cell)
• Nasal solutions (sprays)
• Creams, ointments, gels
• Liquid injectable in plastic ampoules
• Liquid injectable glass vials(small and large volume)
• Effervescent granules in sachets